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Cain: Abortion Now OK In Case of Rape or Incest

I think I’m kinda’ fed up with Herman Cain. Holy cow. Just days after announcing he was pro-life with “no exceptions,” his campaign is now telling CNN that he’s for abortion in cases of rape or incest. What?! CNN reports:… Continue Reading →

Cain’s Kinda’ Freaking Me Out

I don’t know what’s going on with the dude smoking in Herman Cain’s latest ad that’s garnering all sorts of publicity. Rick Perry came out with his tax plan yesterday and all anyone’s talking about is Cain’s ad. I guess… Continue Reading →

Cain is Pro-Choice About His Pro-Life View?

OK. Now I’m officially worried. There’s no way to listen to Herman Cain in this clip without thinking Herman Cain is pro-choice. Now I actually believe he is pro-life but this is enough to really worry me in many respects…. Continue Reading →

This May Be The End of Herman Cain

Herman Cain went from the high to the low with me in just two days. His answer on abortion on Meet the Press was great. But then he gives this horrendous interview with Wolf Blitzer, saying he would exchange prisoners… Continue Reading →

Herman Cain Sings Lennon’s “Imagine.”

I don’t know if this makes Herman Cain a shoe-in for the Presidency or disqualifies him completely. But it’s awesome. Let’s see Mitt Romney do this! HT Free Republic

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