Herman Cain went from the high to the low with me in just two days. His answer on abortion on Meet the Press was great.

But then he gives this horrendous interview with Wolf Blitzer, saying he would exchange prisoners with al Qaeda.

The Weekly Standard reports:

BLITZER: Could you imagine if you were president … and there were one American soldier who had been held for years and the demand was al Qaeda or some other terrorist group, “You got to free everyone at Guantanamo Bay” — several hundred prisoners at Guantanamo. Could you see yourself as president authorizing that kind of transfer?

CAIN: I could see myself authorizing that kind of transfer, but what I would do is I would make sure that I got all of the information. I got all of the input, considered all of the options. And then, the president has to be the president and make a judgment call. I can make that call if I had to.

What? Seriously. What? So the day Cain becomes President guess what the first thing that’s going to happen in the Middle East.

This was a horrific answer. And it feeds into everyone’s fear of Herman Cain. He just doesn’t have the experience. He doesn’t seem to have thought these issues through and that’s kind of a big deal when you’re running for President.

Believe me, if it’s Cain or Obama I’m going with Cain but this answer worries the heck out of me. I could absolutely see Obama running this as an ad so he can run to the right on Cain on this issue.

Something tells me that Perry’s campaign is pumping their fists in joy right now.