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This May Be The End of Herman Cain

Herman Cain went from the high to the low with me in just two days. His answer on abortion on Meet the Press was great. But then he gives this horrendous interview with Wolf Blitzer, saying he would exchange prisoners… Continue Reading →

New Al Qaeda Magazine?

An Al Qaeda affiliate based in Yemen has launched a new English-language online magazine that isn’t very fond of Israel, is anti-American, and makes the lives of our radical Islamist enemies a little easier. ABC News is reporting on this… Continue Reading →

Dem Compares GOP to Al Qaeda

I’d say “Wow” if I didn’t already know that Alan Grayson was a maniac. Jim Geraghty writes: Democratic donors have given $2.6 million to Alan Grayson this cycle, and it is deeply satisfying to watch them waste their hard-earned dollars… Continue Reading →

Most Difficult Job To Fill Is a Tie

A study performed by the prestigious CMR Institute of the most difficult jobs to fill – even in these difficult economic times ended in a statistical tie for first place between Al Qaeda’s #2 man and Barack Obama’s Commerce Secretary…. Continue Reading →

That’s It! Al Qaeda Guilty of Hate Crime!

The actions of Al Qaeda have been terrible for twenty years but Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have show far more interest in hand wringing about why radical Muslims hate us rather than actually fighting the War on Terror. But… Continue Reading →

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