I know this happened a bit ago but so often the mainstream media is obsessed with pointing out Catholics becoming Episcopalians, Catholics becoming Muslims, or Catholics becoming just about anything other than Catholic.

You can imagine my pleasant surprise to read this well written non hit job piece by Lauren Green at Fox News concerning the conversion of an Episcopal parish to the Catholic Church.

The Rev. Mark Lewis now offers a prayer every Sunday morning that centuries ago would have been considered an homage to the enemy. It’s a prayer for the bishop of Rome, the pope and all the Catholic bishops and priests.

Lewis chants, “For Benedict our Pope … Let us prayer to the Lord.”

And the congregation sings its answer, “Lord, have mercy.”

The distinctly Roman Catholic offering is the outward sign of an inner spiritual journey. St. Luke’s Church in Bladensburg, Md., will become later this year the first American Episcopal Parish to convert to Catholicism, Anglicanism’s one-time nemesis.

“What really drew us was the apostolic authority, the oneness of the faith of the people,” Lewis said “That’s what we really wanted, and I don’t think you have that in Anglicanism.”

Ironically, what is driving St. Luke’s to Roman Catholicism is what split the church in the first place: the issue of authority.

The piece continues with quoting people actually pleased to be joining the Catholic Church and discusses authority as well. Gasp! Imagine that. All I can say to those folks is “Welcome home.” And thanks to Lauren Green for her news report.

You can continue reading this at Fox News.

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