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If You’re Anti-Gay You’re Catholic!

Chris Matthews, a Catholic who, just a few years ago was honored at my alma mater Saint Joseph’s University, said recently that if you’re anti-gay you should become a Catholic.” You know us Catholics. We’re all about being anti-gay. Soctt… Continue Reading →

Cynthia Nixon Wasn’t “Born This Way.”

Cynthia Nixon of Sex and the City fame (or infamy?) is now dating a girl. She used to be straight and even had kids (by an actual man) but now she’s hitting for the other team. That’s all well and… Continue Reading →

Michael Moore Jokes Jesus Was Gay… at Georgetown

This weekend, Georgetown University’s Lecture Fund “proudly” sponsored a talk by controversial filmmaker Michael Moore. Moore is uninteresting to me. I don’t believe what he puts in his movies and I certainly don’t believe much that he has to say…. Continue Reading →

Gay Rights More Important than Public Safety?

In a move that would indicate political correctness trumps actual health concerns, the Department of Health and Human Services is considering allowing gays to donate blood. The National Journal reports: A policy that bars gay men from donating blood for… Continue Reading →

If Only Bachmann Had Ties to Sex Change Clinic?

The big “scandal” around Presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmann is telling of where we are as a culture. And it’s not good. It’s been reported that Bachmann’s husband runs a clinic that aside from doing all sorts of marital counseling and… Continue Reading →

Pawlenty Glittered by Abortion, Gay Activists

A group of activists attacked a presidential candidate. But don’t worry it was just a Republican attacked by abortion zealots and gay activists. So it’s not a big deal. Could you imagine if someone did this to a big name… Continue Reading →

Boston Archdiocese Allows Gay Pride Mass

A parish in Boston is holding a Mass in celebration of Boston’s Pride month. I’m not kidding. Homosexual acts are a sin and pride is one of the seven deadly sins. So one parish in Boston decided to put the… Continue Reading →

CNN: Gays More Likely to Get Cancer

Someone call the CDC, the EPA. Get the President on the horn. You know how the government restricts freedoms in the name of public safety when it comes to such things as smoking cigarettes or eating trans fats. And they… Continue Reading →

Puberty Blockers for Confused Pre-Teens?

Remember the good ol’ days when the baby came out of the womb you looked down and could announce, “you have a baby boy” or “You’ve got a girl.” Well, it turns out you have to wait a while before… Continue Reading →

Barney Frank: GOP “Morally Stupid Bigots”

Gotta’ love it when Barney Frank lectures you on morality. Dude had a brothel being run out of his home and he’s lecturing you. As Zip said, Because when you think of morally superior people Bawney Fwank comes to mind…. Continue Reading →

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