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Conservatives Are the GOP’s Gays

Are conservatives the Republican’s gays? I’m serious. Just this week the Dems introduced legislation in the House and the Senate to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. They know that this has absolutely no chance of passing. None. But they’re… Continue Reading →

Gay Group “Furious” Over Confession App

A gay rights groups doesn’t like the new Confession App for helping people prepare to confess their sins. In fact, they’re furious over it. Now that I’m thinking about it, have you read anything about a gay rights group in… Continue Reading →

Sen. Boxer: U.S. Just Like Iran and N. Korea

Can you believe California just reelected this woman? CNS reports: Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) today likened the United States of America to Iran, North Korea and Pakistan because those nations also do not allow homosexuals in their militaries. Boxer likened… Continue Reading →

Gay Mass Disallowed at Catholic Parish

Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantu has put a stop to St. Ann’s in San Antonio weekly gay/transgender Mass that has been held there for 15 years. Now, Dignity/San Antonio is saying they’re shocked and disappointed. Fred Anthony Garza, president of Dignity/San… Continue Reading →

Public Funds for Gay Bars

You want THE most outrageous story of the day this has got to be it. The state of Arkansas is funding a gay bar. Seriously. Tolbert Report: A non-profit organization called “Brotha’s and Sistah’s Inc.” (B&S) applied for and received… Continue Reading →

Transgender Golfer Sues LPGA for Acceptance

A transgender golfer (who used to be a SWAT Team member) is suing the LPGA to join the tour. The LPGA, however, says their rules are that you have to be born a woman so he/she’s in the rough on… Continue Reading →

Kookaburra’s Not Gay…Anymore

Remember that old song about “Kookaburra” sitting in an old gum tree. I sang it in like the second grade. We were awesome. I mean, we knocked Kookaburra out of the park but I’m not here to brag. Ol’ Kookaburra… Continue Reading →

Gay Priest Scandal Rocks Rome

A news magazine accompanied a number of priests to gay clubs and engaged in casual sex. The Daily Mail reports: A gay priest sex scandal has rocked the Catholic Church in Italy today after a weekly news magazine released details… Continue Reading →

Shock Vid: Jesuit College Drag Show

Warning -This vid is pretty graphic of a drag show at Santa Clara University, a Jesuit university. I’m sure this was sold as a social justice event to promote tolerance but it’s not that at all. It’s normalizing deviancy. Moms… Continue Reading →

A Gay Futuristic Romance Anti-War Movie?

Big Hollywood is reporting on a new movie by the Wachowski siblings that brought you The Matrix. For seven months now, we’ve been hearing about the secret next-film for The Wachowski Brothers, a Hard-R rated ‘cinema verite-style gay romance Iraq… Continue Reading →

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