Remember that old song about “Kookaburra” sitting in an old gum tree. I sang it in like the second grade. We were awesome. I mean, we knocked Kookaburra out of the park but I’m not here to brag.

Ol’ Kookaburra used to be “gay” but one Principal in Australia decided the bird was not “gay” anymore but he was actually just “fun,” according to The Blaze.

Good for Kookaburra. It’s got to be tough dealing with those feelings for other male birds and getting over it and still being “fun.”

Oh wait. That’s not what happened.

It’s just that the kids giggled everytime the word “gay” was used in the song when the Principal was trying to teach them the song so he changed the word. And some people seem to be getting all upset about it. I don’t know, if I heard my kids singing it with the word “fun” instead of “gay” I’d know exactly why the teacher did that. I think I’d appreciate it actually.

One gay advocate said the Principal just set the gay cause back.

Crusader Hillis, CEO of the gay and lesbian advocacy group The Also Foundation, said:

“It sends a signal to people that just because a word has two meanings, that one of those meanings is unacceptable and that’s really putting us backwards,” Hillis said. “Even if it’s done for good intentions because ‘gay’ is being used in schoolyards as a slur, I think they need to use the word as a conversation rather than banning it.”

Yeah, because we want Principals and music teachers teaching seven year olds about homosexuality via Kookaburra.

It kinda’ gives a new meaning to teaching the birds and bees. (Sorry.)

Sadly, the Principal is taking the wrong lesson from this and he’s said in recent published reports that he’s still going to teach “Kookaburra” and have a big lesson about gays surrounding the song. Uhm, why not just pick a different song. It’s not like Kookaburra is the “Stairway to Heaven” of kid songs. I mean, seriously, can you imagine your kid’s Principal explaining that he had to teach your seven year old kid all about the ins and outs of homosexuality because of Kookaburra?

(Just in case you never learned the song here’s a bunch of random kids singing it. They’re not half as good as my second grade was. We rocked it.)