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What About This Jefferson Quote?

You know how libs are always screaming about the separation of church and state in the Constitution? And you know how we always remind them that it’s not actually there. It’s in a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote. And in that… Continue Reading →

George Washington Tebowed?

There’s this strange image I’ve seen many times of George Washington on his knees Tebowing which is based on the journal entry of an 18th century Presbyterian Minister. But this is, of course, impossible, because George Washington was born well… Continue Reading →

NAACP Puts George Washington in a Box

Wow. An NAACP celebration honoring Martin Luther King Day put a statue of George Washington in a box. No official word yet on why our Founding Father was boxed but I’m thinking it was because he was offensive and people… Continue Reading →

Presidents Then and Now

Then: Now:

George Washington and I

I knew George Washington and I had a lot in common besides wooden teeth. George also had problems returning library books. The library where I grew up still has shoot on sight, do not detain posters with my chubby face… Continue Reading →

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