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Heavenly City, Super Cheap

From the shameless plug department comes this little update. Perhaps you have noticed the book at left offered for sale through CMR’s links to Amazon over the years. It was a great project that allowed me as author to team… Continue Reading →

The McBrien Prize For Really Inept Vaticanology

George Weigel makes me laugh. The U.S. press incessantly tries to use their political vocabulary to describe Church and Vatican issues usually completely missing the point. George Weigel, in an article in National Review, exposes the ineptness of the U.S…. Continue Reading →

The Elephant In The Room

How dare you, how dare you point out the elephant in the room! Stephen A. Privett, S.J. is upset. Privett is the president of the University of San Francisco and he has a bone to pick with George Weigel. A… Continue Reading →

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