From the shameless plug department comes this little update. Perhaps you have noticed the book at left offered for sale through CMR’s links to Amazon over the years. It was a great project that allowed me as author to team up with a really talented architectural photographer and showcase some of Chicago’s most beautiful Catholic churches. One of the problems was that it was expensive: $59.95. Well, like most books, it has wound up in the sale book department of late, and the publisher is now selling it for $29.95 as an Easter special. Why buy a book about Chicago churches if you don’t live in Chicago, you might ask? Well, the photos are really unbelievably beautiful, and if you like to let your eyes roll over beautiful images of heaven, this is the book for you. None other than George Weigel said: “Heavenly City is so beautifully illustrated that I can imagine using it as a source of prayer–as many Catholics pray with icons today.” Click here to see some photos and here to read reviews. Moreover, the churches depicted here remind of of what a church is: an image of the Heavenly Jerusalem. I’m pretty happy with the text, too, into which I tried to bring as much liturgical theology as a book like this could support. So all best wishes for Holy Week and Easter, with the hope that you can participate in the heavenly city of the sacred liturgy.