A lot of ink has been spilled over the past few months over “scandals(?)” with the Pope including (cue evil music) “The Holocaust Denying Bishop” and the “Great Condom Caper of 2009.” Much of the ink has been unsolicited advice to the Holy Father on how to modernize the Church, you know…make it relevant to people or risk extinction of the Church.

But here’s the thing. All those newspapers doling out advice. Guess what? They’re all going bankrupt and may cease to exist…like next week.

It seems that the Chicago Tribune, the Sun-Times have both declared bankruptcy along with the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News. Ad revenue at USA Today fell 18.5% in the fourth quarter of 2008 compared to the same period the previous year, according to Editor & Publisher. The New York Times is teetering on bankruptcy as well.

Taking advice from newspapers today would be like reading:

“How to be a Two-Term President” by George H.W. Bush
“How to Run a Winning Football Franchise” by Matt Millen
“Just Say No” by Michael Phelps
“Being Catholic Now” by Kerry Kennedy. (Oh wait. That one’s real. Sorry)
“How to Stand Strong to your Principles in a non-Primary Year” by Arlen Specter

So, not that I’m happy these newspapers are failing but maybe, in whatever form they might survive, they could learn a little humility in talking about the 2,000 year old institution called the Catholic Church.

Think it’ll happen?