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Excommunication Mean You’re Going to Hell?

Catholic Answers Apologist Jimmy Akin answers this “burning” question. Get it? Burning question. ‘Cause the question is about hell so I said “burning?” But Akin’s answer does point out that excommunication while often perceived as a harsh penalty is meant… Continue Reading →

Go to Hell…For Just $39.99

In about one year slackers all over America aren’t going to hell in a handbasket. They’ll do it right from their beanbag chair in their mother’s basement. According to Wired: Electronic Arts’ upcoming game Dante’s Inferno is a riff on… Continue Reading →

Where do Demons Live?

Something a little odd struck me in reading the recently release Pew Statistics on Religion in America Report. The good news is that Americans are nearly unanimous in saying they believe in God (92 percent) and large majorities believe in… Continue Reading →

Hell Hath No Fury. Period.

Hell Hath No Fury. Period. Or so a priest responding to questions in the Kansas City Star would have you believe. From Kansas City Catholic: I was reminded of that pithiness when I read the “Voices of Faith” column in… Continue Reading →

Hellboy Not Allowed in Catholic School

You couldn’t make this story up in a million years: The Hell family says it may tell a Catholic school in Australia where to go after it objected to enrolling their son because of his name. Officials said the boy… Continue Reading →

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