Hell Hath No Fury. Period. Or so a priest responding to questions in the Kansas City Star would have you believe.

From Kansas City Catholic:

I was reminded of that pithiness when I read the “Voices of Faith” column in The Kansas City Star today (apparently not available online). That weekly column presents questions from readers that are answered by clergy of different faiths from around town on a rotating basis. Each week at least two persons answer the given question. Today’s question read, “Is Hell a real place where people are sent?”

One clergyman that answered today is a well-known priest in the diocese. He is the pastor of what I would guess is one of the more well-to-do parishes around. In response to the question, he wrote, in part:

The Catholic Church teaches that hell indeed exists. The church does not teach, however, that anyone is necessarily in hell. This is due to the universality of salvation won for us in Christ and to God’s constant mercy, even at the moment of death.

Oy! Kansas City Catholic gives a well reasoned and thoughtful analysis, you should read the whole thing. I am glad there are bloggers around who are patient and kind enough to deal with this nonsense properly. I, on the other hand, would have simply responded “Hell? Yes Virginia, there is a hell. It is where priests who refuse to teach the truth go.”

I am glad there are nice bloggers.