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Sick. Two Ghouls Cheer Abortion

Check out the whole thing. There’s great joy in Rockford Illinois as three women opted for the ultrasound clinic rather than going into the abortion clinic but it’s also a horror story as two older pro-aborts cheer as women enter… Continue Reading →

Judge Stands Against Abortion Law

Are we not a Republic? I was pretty bad in school but I seem to remember some kind of talk by my second grade teacher right before recess. It went something like…”blah blah blah…we have three co-equal branches of government….blah… Continue Reading →

Catholicism, Vatican II and Americanism All in One

I had the good fortune to stop by Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in the Chicago suburb of Glenview recently and saw a pretty remarkable thing: a Catholic church which used a colonial mode to “prove” that Catholic were… Continue Reading →

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