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Don’t Give Up On The Jesuits

An excellent article published in The Hoya entitled “How Georgetown Can Stay Catholic” is worth reading. This seems to be a nationwide issue that is reaching critical mass. “Give up on Georgetown. It’s not a Catholic university anymore,” an alumnus… Continue Reading →

Jesuit Donates Blood 138 Times

This is an odd story but I like it. I’m not even going to use any bad puns even though every instinct is calling me to. A 54- year-old Jesuit priest Fr Jerry S.J nearly sweats blood for the people…. Continue Reading →

The Jesuit and the Rainbow People

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I read things just because I know they’ll annoy me. I admit I sometimes type “Father Richard McBrien” or “jesuit” into Google just to see what’s being said now. Is that bad? But such is the… Continue Reading →

Judas only got 30 pieces of silver. Jesuits got $8 million.

Peter denied Christ three times before the cock crowed and then he wept. St. Louis University, a Jesuit school, celebrated a legal victory last week that affirmed it is not controlled by the Catholic church or by its Catholic beliefs…. Continue Reading →

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