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Passengers Told Plane Was Crashing…Oops

How much you wanna’ bet a lawsuit comes out of this? Passengers on a plane bound for England were flying along when all of a sudden announcement came on to inform them they were all about to become fish food…. Continue Reading →

How Powerful are Lawyers and Abortion Lobbies?

We all know that Obama would likely be able to sway at least some Republicans to vote for Obamacare if he would do one of two things. Obviously, excluding abortion from federal funding would go a long way to passing… Continue Reading →

Shock! People for Abortion Laws Are Pro-Life

Caitlin Borgmann, a professor at CUNY School of Law and editor of the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog, wrote an article entitled “Parental Involvement Laws for Abortion: Irrational, Unnecessary and Downright Dangerous” for The Jurist. Borgmann argues that parents shouldn’t be… Continue Reading →

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