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Planned Parenthood Admits Bending Laws

Hey, what’s the big deal about rape laws anyway? Everyone should just chill about those silly old rape laws that protect children, right? That’s obviously what Planned Parenthood thinks. But I guess caring about children was never Planned Parenthood’s strong… Continue Reading →

Abortionists Calling Lila Rose a Liar?

Don’t believe your lying eyes, says Planned Parenthood. Or your ears. Just listen to Planned Parenthood. But not too closely. I know it’s hard to believe but yet another counselor at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Memphis, TN was caught… Continue Reading →

Video: Planned Parenthood Breaks Law Again

Hey, remember after UCLA student Lila Rose uncovered Planned Parenthood breaking the law and they swore that it was an aberration. Well, shock of shock, they lied. Pro-life hero Lila Rose is at it again, proving that on top of… Continue Reading →

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