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Pence Blasts Planned Parenthood

Congressman Mike Pence picks up the ball after the Lila Rose videos and calls for denying federal funding to abortion providers. I wish this guy were running for President. The Blast

Lila Rose Rope-a-Dopes

Lila Rose has had more of an impact on this country at 22 than just about anyone I can think of. Just amazing. Her videos just may make possible the federal defunding of Planned Parenthood. We all have to push… Continue Reading →

NY Times: Hot Women are Pro-Life

Hot women are pro-life. Hey,it’s not me saying it. It’s the New York Times. And oddly enough they don’t seem thrilled about it. Doing her best imitation of the Wicked Queen from Snow White, Gail Collins screeches in her latest… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Must Hate Lila Rose

In the latest episode of pro-lifers favorite sitcom “When Lila Rose Attacks: The Planned Parenthood Chronicles” a massive but intentional miscommunication occurs where the Planned Parenthood employee believes that Lila’s friend is a pimp who markets in underage illegal aliens… Continue Reading →

Shock Vid: Planned Parenthood Advises Pimp

Yesterday I saw a number of headlines screaming that Planned Parenthood has reported the Live Action group, which has been going undercover into abortion clinics across the country and exposing illegalities, to the Justice Department. They were asking for some… Continue Reading →

Lila Rose Busts Planned Parenthood Lying

This is sickening. The ironic part is that abortion clinics are always yelling that crisis pregnancy centers lie to people about medical facts. God bless Lila Rose and the Live Action gang.

Caring About Children or Anti-Catholicism?

The latest glut of “news” stories by the media hitting the Catholic Church for abusing children has much more to do with anti-Catholicism than actually protecting children. Proof? Pretty simple actually. The media has claimed that it’s reluctantly reporting on… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Lies. Again.

Live Action reports: A new undercover video reveals medically inaccurate abortion counseling at a tax-funded Milwaukee Planned Parenthood clinic. The video, released by youth-led pro-life group Live Action, records Planned Parenthood staff distorting basic facts of fetal development and pressuring… Continue Reading →

Abortionist: “Abortion is Birth Control”

Here’s your stomach turning quote of the day from Lila Rose’s blog. Abortionist Peter Kopf said in a recent interview: Abortion is birth control. Adoption is giving up your child and not accepting your duties as a mother. Most women… Continue Reading →

New Lila Rose Video

You know, I’m starting to think that Planned Parenthood doesn’t believe they have to follow the law. Cassy Fiano wonders how many times Lila Rose has to catch Planned Parenthood before they get cut off from public funding. Check out… Continue Reading →

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