Lila Rose has had more of an impact on this country at 22 than just about anyone I can think of. Just amazing. Her videos just may make possible the federal defunding of Planned Parenthood. We all have to push for this.

This latest video may be the most damaging. I love the timing of this video because the first video was explosive and then the next few that came out were damaging but Planned Parenthood must have been feeling that she’d fired all her heavy artillery. But KABOOM!! This latest video has a Planned Parenthood employee working on ways to get the pimp to be able to declare that he is the legal guardian of underage illegal alien prostitutes. And the employee explains how the taxpayer might just pick up the tab for their insurance.

This is ghastly stuff.

Bonus: Mealy mouthed Planned spokesperson tells Fox News that the tapes were doctored and then admits that he hasn’t seen them. Ha.

HT Live Action.