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Nuevo Trad Catholics Revolt

A bunch of old fogey whiners in love with the liturgy of the past want to return all of us kicking and screaming back to the Dark Ages or something. They’re angry that the liturgy has changed. Hey man, Catholicism… Continue Reading →

My 4 Year Old Didn’t Kill Anyone Today

I brought my four year old to the 11 a.m. Mass this morning. All my other children were there already with their parish school. It was a nice Mass and my oldest is in the choir. Our pastor talked during… Continue Reading →

11 Craziest Things I’ve Ever Heard at Mass

1) Whispered by a father in the pew behind me to his children: “When we get to the car I’m testing all of you on what the gospel was. And if you get it wrong you’re dead.” 2) Whispered by… Continue Reading →

Nintendo DS on Communion Line

I traveled yesterday with my five children to attend my niece’s confirmation. It was a beautiful event that was so well attended my kids and I had to park in a nearby neighborhood. But there’s a reason I’m telling you… Continue Reading →

Is This Mass or a World Cup Pep Rally?

This is pretty awful. You’ve got a Catholic Church adorned with soccer balls, everyone (including the priest) dressed in orange in preparation for the World Cup final, and the priest smiling and as Al Kresta said “mugging for the camera… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron On Common Perceptions of Mass

“Mary, Did You Know?” At Mass

So yesterday I went to Mass with my wife’s family in Philadelphia. Mass was nice except for the one year old in my arms who was the worst baby…evah. But following the Eucharist, the song was, “Mary, Did you Know?”… Continue Reading →

An Incident in Small Town Pennsylvania

This is a report from small town Pennsylvania where we’re bitter and cling to our guns and religion: At Mass yesterday our priest talked about abortion and the election. That never happens. I think once before in my entire life… Continue Reading →

Sign of Peace Or 7th Inning Stretch?

Yesterday I was at Mass at a parish I don’t typically go to and it was really quite nice. The music was beautiful. In fact, the choir was so good that I found myself listening to them instead of praying…. Continue Reading →

Memories Best Forgotten

Some memories are best forgotten. Tucson Time Capsule : Communion with the clowns It was a surprise to the congregation of Tanque Verde Lutheran Church on Nov. 28, 1982, when two clowns showed up at the Advent Night Holy Communion… Continue Reading →

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