A bunch of old fogey whiners in love with the liturgy of the past want to return all of us kicking and screaming back to the Dark Ages or something. They’re angry that the liturgy has changed.

Hey man, Catholicism has progressed.

Critics of the new language are saying that this liturgy is faulted.

Soon they’ll say things like it’s illicit and they’ll form their own society that says the Mass must be the way it was when they were kids. And I’m all like just because something was once that way doesn’t mean it has to exist that way forever. It’s like these people want to stop the Church from progressing or something.

They’re saying the liturgy has been “hijacked” by “deception.”

These people! Why are they trying to drag the Church backwards?! We are a 21st century Church. That old liturgy is soooo 20th century. The Mass is a living breathing thing man. You wanna’ take us back the Mass of the height of the sex abuse scandal. Is that what you want?

Oh the lamentations of, “I remember when I was a kid the liturgy…blah blah blah…” and the whining about why did everything have to change because everything was so (insert blahs here.)

All these Nuevo Trad Catholics want to force us all into the way way back machine. I mean, why not just have the Mass the same as it was in the 70’s or something.