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Newt’s Acting Offended by DeNiro’s Comment

Newt Gingrich is blasting the Obama campaign for a supposedly “inexcusable” comment from Robert Deniro at a fundraiser with Michelle Obama. But here’s the thing. What DeNiro said just isn’t offensive. Look, there’s plenty of reasons to be offended by… Continue Reading →

Michelle Obama for Parental Notification?

Today Michelle Obama will hold a press conference with restaurants today to tout an iniative that kid’s meals come with sides of fruit. If a child wants fries an adult has to approve the fries. Seriously. All kids’ meals will… Continue Reading →

Stop the Dietocracy!

First Lady Michelle Obama will announce today the headway she and the Obama dietocracy have made in strong arming restaurants to reduce portion sizes as part of her “Let’s Move’ campaign against obesity. “The Childhood Obesity Task Force Report”–commissioned as… Continue Reading →

Hot Mic: Boehner Tells Veep His Wife is the Cutest

Oops. Picked up on a hot mic the night that Obama spoke to Congress, was John Boehner telling Joe Biden that the Vice President’s wife was the cutest one in the row. My first thought after watching this was that… Continue Reading →

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