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Underground Morality of Christians

In China there’s the state approved Church and the underground Church. We look at that with our Western eyes and we wonder how such a thing could be. But here in America, it seems to me we’ve just got our… Continue Reading →

Raising “Right and Wrong” Kids in a ‘Whatever’ World

A sociologist from the University of Notre Dame completed a study recently gauging the moral thinking of 18-23 year olds. The results are startling, depressing and for this father of five, they’re scary. You’re not going to believe it how… Continue Reading →

Torture Works!

Sometimes torture works. Sometimes the death penalty saves innocent lives. But so what? Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>

“The Box” Couldn’t be More Offensive or Bad

If they poked pointed sticks at children who stuttered, “The Box” wouldn’t be more offensive. If they mocked cancer patients, “The Box” couldn’t be more offensive. Honestly, I’ve not seen a movie more antithetical to my worldview than “The Box.”… Continue Reading →

So Much For Moral Conundrums

The Button – watch more funny videos Hey remember the good old days when to get tongues wagging a movie came up with a conundrum of whether your wife should sleep with a stranger for $1 million. But that’s so… Continue Reading →

Great Argument for Private Sexual Morality

You’ve all heard the argument: “What I do with my private life is nobody else’s business. it doesn’t affect anybody else.” Well, I can think of one recent instance where private immorality affected the world greatly. Just a few years… Continue Reading →

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