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The First Annoying Vegan

This one made me laugh. HT Wheat and Weeds

Silliest Explanations for Parting the Red Sea

OK. You’re on the run with a few hundred thousand of your best friends from the most powerful and dangerous army known to man. The well armed bad guys are right behind you and you come to the edge of… Continue Reading →

Saints in Beijing

The Vatican has officially been a city-state for decades but many were surprised at the announcement yesterday that the Vatican will be fielding a team for the Olympics. And many sports officials across the world are crying foul because although… Continue Reading →

Moses Was Really High on Mount Sinai

Moses was high on Mount Sinai. We all know that. No, I mean Moses was high on dope, at least according to an Israeli researcher. In an amazing feat of reductionist theology, Moses was on psychedelic drugs when he heard… Continue Reading →

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