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Let the Scales Fall from our Eyes

This post was written by a CMR friend who goes by the name “Eponymous.” The mainstream media would have us believe that Imam Rauf is a bridgebuilder. The Imam has stated as much and we should initially accept him at… Continue Reading →

That Would Be as Stupid As…

Putting a mosque at Ground Zero would be as crazy as…say, erecting an memorial at Shanksville, Pennsylvania for the victims of Flight 93 in the shape of an Islamic crescent. Oh wait. Never mind. This is the “Crescent of Embrace”… Continue Reading →

Rabbi: Who’s Against The Mosque? Nazis!!!

Just hours before Iran flipped the switch and transformed themselves from a anti-semitic madhouse into a nuclear anti-semitic madhouse, one Rabbi is saying it’s beginning to feel a lot like the 1930’s – except he’s talking about how people who… Continue Reading →

CMR Distances Itself from Jen Merkel

CMR friend Jen Merkel has the audacity to disagree with her betters in the government. Surely her insolence will be repaid by a visit from the authorities. If Jen gets picked up by the feds I just hope she doesn’t… Continue Reading →

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