Just hours before Iran flipped the switch and transformed themselves from a anti-semitic madhouse into a nuclear anti-semitic madhouse, one Rabbi is saying it’s beginning to feel a lot like the 1930’s – except he’s talking about how people who don’t want to see the Ground Zero Mosque built are kinda’ like Nazis. Because you must remember we’re the bad guys here.

Something like thirty religious leaders from California all signed a letter in support of the mosque. There seems to be some confusion between legality and morality on this point from liberals. I find this funny from the people who always talk about how they see ending the life of an unborn human as morally wrong but still defend its legality. You know the whole safe, legal and rare thing.

But anyway, back to the rabbi.

Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak said he worried that the dialogue surrounding the New York mosque and opposition to other mosque projects, including one in Temecula, Calif., echoed the growing anti-Semitic sentiment in the 1930s.

“The loneliness and isolation that Jews felt in the 1930s is palpable, but now it’s directed to the Muslims,” he said.

“To anyone who knows their history, history is not only the past, it’s a prologue,” he said. “Muslims around the world are watching.”

Do these people live in the same country as us? The same world? 70% of Americans are like Nazis? Seriously?

If you ask me, Americans have been extraordinarily wonderful since 9-11. Americans don’t burn down mosques or often go around beating up families of Muslims for the crime of being Muslim. We’ve bent over backwards to be sensitive, haven’t we?

It ticks me off everytime some radical Muslim kills someone or blows something up Americans get lectured about not hating all Muslims and how we must understand it’s a religion of peace. We’re all supposed to be inclusive but I guess inclusiveness doesn’t extend to the families of the victims of 9-11 who are against the mosque being built there. I guess they’re Nazis too.

It seems to me that about now Iran (you know the country with the government constantly calling for the eradication of Jews from the Middle East) would be a bit more worrisome than Americans who don’t think a mosque near the World Trade Center is a good idea.

I’m not crazy about calling people Nazis but if you’re going to do it, please save it for the guys who are lurching towards becoming a nuclear power and vowing to eradicate the Jooooooooos rather than the people who believe it’s insensitive to build a mosque right next to the site where radical Muslisms kills thousands of Americans.