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Procreative Altruism: Lebensborn Re-imagined

*subhead*Himmler would have loved this.*subhead* You remember Julian Savulescu, the Oxford “ethicist” who is telling parents that we are morally obligated to choose the child among many “possible children” that is determined by genetic testing to have the “best life.”… Continue Reading →

Lib Radio Host: “Scum, Nazi Pope.”

Remember when everyone in the media lit their torches and sharpened their pitchforks for Rush Limbaugh for calling a woman who wanted the Catholic Church to pay for her contraception a “slut.” But last week a liberal radio host in… Continue Reading →

Tolerance Nazis Threaten Little Girl

A 14 year old girl testified in Maryland in support of traditional marriage. Read what she wrote and then read some of the vile and threatening things written to her or about her by the tolerance Nazis. “Hi, I’m Sarah… Continue Reading →

“Bonhoeffer” Author Compares Obama’s HHS Mandate to Nazi Germany

Whoa. MSNBC must have lost its mind today when author/guest compared President Obama’s encroachment of religious liberty to the first steps taken by the Nazis in Germany. Something tells me that this is the last time “Bonhoeffer” author Eric Metaxas… Continue Reading →

The Cardinal Who Triumphed Over Stalin

This is a great story from the Catholic Herald about a priest who was marked for death by both the Communists and the Nazis and then served ten years in the Gulag where he said Mass for fellow prisoners in… Continue Reading →

Christie Protestors Sing “Sent to Auschwitz”

If liberals couldn’t refer to Nazis they’d have absolutely nothing to say. As Zip wrote, “Someone should remind these people that a million Jews were gassed to death at Auschwitz and comparing it to having their taxpayer-funded pensions reduced during… Continue Reading →

The Good Goering

You probably know that Hermann Goering was one of the architects of the hellish Nazi concentration camps for political dissidents and Jews among others. You probably know that next to Hitler, Herman Goering was the man who played the largest… Continue Reading →

Rabbi: Who’s Against The Mosque? Nazis!!!

Just hours before Iran flipped the switch and transformed themselves from a anti-semitic madhouse into a nuclear anti-semitic madhouse, one Rabbi is saying it’s beginning to feel a lot like the 1930’s – except he’s talking about how people who… Continue Reading →

Gang Attacks Jews in Germany. Not What You Think

The headline warns.: “Berlin – Group of youths attack Jewish dance group.” What image does that headline conjure? Nazis? Skinheads? A little Third Reich retro wanna-be’s? The lede in the piece doesn’t help either to clarify things either. A Jewish… Continue Reading →

Communion Wafers in Swastika Shape? Yawn.

I don’t appreciate modern art. Seriously, have you seen one piece of public art that didn’t look like evidence of public drunkenness? I saw some metallic structure the other day in Philadelphia and I couldn’t decide if it was a… Continue Reading →

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