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Tailgating the Holocaust Museum

If Timothy McVeigh’s family went door to door trying to sell off his spare fertilizer as keepsakes for the victim’s families, it wouldn’t be more icky than this. Reiner Hoess, Rudolph Hoess’ grandson, clearly aims to be called the ickiest… Continue Reading →

Profile In Christian Courage -Irena Sendler

This is one of the most amazing stories I never knew. Watch these videos about a woman, Irena Sendler, who passed earlier this year. During WWII she risked her life to save children from the Nazis. A Catholic woman, she… Continue Reading →

Catholic University Discovers Amazing Recording of Catholics Protesting Nazis

An archivist at Catholic University is prepared to turn conventional wisdom on its ear with the discovery of a unique recording of a televised Catholic protest against Nazis as early as 1938. The generally accepted view for years has been… Continue Reading →

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