If Timothy McVeigh’s family went door to door trying to sell off his spare fertilizer as keepsakes for the victim’s families, it wouldn’t be more icky than this.

Reiner Hoess, Rudolph Hoess’ grandson, clearly aims to be called the ickiest dude on the planet. With one crazy move, he just rocketed past balloon boy’s father and Jon Gosselin.

Get this. Hoess approached an Israeli agency which memorializes the victims of the Holocaust and essentially said hey listen, my grandfather had a hand in killing six million of your ancestors so I’m wondering if you’d be interested in buying some of my grandfather’s memorabilia from those wacky days.

The Philadelphia Bulletin reports:

The offices of Yad Vashem, the Israeli agency that memorializes the six million Jews murdered by their Nazis and their allies, received an extraordinary and even infuriating proposal recently. The grandson of Rudolf Hoess, the notorious commander of the Auschwitz death camp, offered to sell some of his grandfather’s personal effects to the museum.

The letter to the museum, which was sent several months ago and entitled “Rare objects, Auschwitz, Commander Hoess,” was short and succinct, saying: “These are several objects from the estate of Rudolf Hoess, the commander of Auschwitz: A massive, fireproof box with official insignia – a gift from Henrich Himmler, the commander of the SS, weighing 50 kilograms, a letter opener and folders, slides from Auschwitz that have never been seen publicly, letters from his period of imprisonment in Krakow. I would be very grateful for a brief answer. Sincerely, Reiner Hoess.”

The management of Yad Vashem responded with shock to the proposal and rejected it out of hand. The management of the museum expressed disgust over the desire of the criminal’s relative to profit from Holocaust memorabilia.

Wow. Dude, gotta lay off the Rumple Minze.

But now he’s saying it wasn’t even his idea. His friend, the grandson of Baldur von Schirach, who was the leader of the Hitler Youth came up with this brilliant idea and passed it on to his friend.

OK. Anyone else a little uncomfortable thinking about Hoess’ grandkid hanging out with the grandkid of the dude in charge of Hitler Youth? Could these guys be more tone deaf? I mean, what’s next from these two? These two tailgating the Holocaust Museum with a Grooler full of Beck’s and Schnapps in the back of the Volkswagon?