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Chomsky: Christians Defend Israel Becase They Hate Jews…or Something

This is painful. Maybe Noam Chomsky used to be a bright guy but here his thinking is shallow and just plain dumb. Maybe he was always like that, I don’t know. But his suppositions in this short vid are just… Continue Reading →

Anti-Octopism is All the Rage Now

Remember Paul the Octopus who predicted the winner of seven straight World Cup matches? Well, now Iranian regime President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacked Paul the Octopus in a speech this weekend in Tehran. Gateway Pundit reported: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian leader,… Continue Reading →

Awesome Video: We Con The World

HT Powerline

Tailgating the Holocaust Museum

If Timothy McVeigh’s family went door to door trying to sell off his spare fertilizer as keepsakes for the victim’s families, it wouldn’t be more icky than this. Reiner Hoess, Rudolph Hoess’ grandson, clearly aims to be called the ickiest… Continue Reading →

Maybe That Wasn’t the Best Analogy

Gateway Pundit points out that President Obama yesterday equated the Palestinian people to US slaves, South African blacks during apartheid, and East European nations under Soviet control. So if I’m Israel and I’m starting to count my friends in the… Continue Reading →

The 16 Year old Girl Foreign Policy

You know how sixteen year old girls act. They tend to treat those they like worse than those they don’t. In fact, I’ve noticed that their need to be liked usually motivates them to bend over backwards to please those… Continue Reading →

So What Are We Talking About?

Man, he wasn’t kidding about that whole “no precondition” thing, huh. Says the NYT: The Obama administration and its European allies are preparing proposals that would shift strategy toward Iran by dropping a longstanding American insistence that Tehran rapidly shut… Continue Reading →

Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran or I Will

The Atlantic has a disturbing story with monstrous ramifications: In an interview conducted shortly before he was sworn in today as prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu laid down a challenge for Barack Obama. The American president, he said, must… Continue Reading →

The Vatican Could Learn from Hamas

I love the Catholic Church. But the Vatican stinks at handling press. I mean stinks. Take the recent issue with the SSPX. Pope Benedict XVI revoked the excommunication of four of the bishops of the SSPX and suddenly a media… Continue Reading →

Obama Has to Get Tough…With Israel?

The liberal left which includes the media has grown alarmingly anti-semitic in the past decade. Their reflexive position is almost always to fault Israel. Newsweek published an opinion piece this week that really takes the cake. The writer begs Obama… Continue Reading →

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