The headline warns.: “Berlin – Group of youths attack Jewish dance group.” What image does that headline conjure? Nazis? Skinheads? A little Third Reich retro wanna-be’s?

The lede in the piece doesn’t help either to clarify things either.

A Jewish dance group was attacked with stones by a group of children and teenagers during a performance at a street festival in the Germany city of Hannover, police said Thursday. One dancer suffered a leg injury and the group then canceled their performance.

The teenagers also used a megaphone to shout anti-Semitic slurs during the Saturday afternoon attack, Hannover police spokesman Thorsten Schiewe said.

Many people reading that think to themselves “oh no not again” but in the next graph there’s finally a bit of a clarification as to who the “youths” might be.

Police said the incident is under investigation and that they do not have an exact number of attackers yet. Schiewe said there were several Muslim immigrant youths among the attackers.

How about instead of classifying them as youths we actually say who they really are. Something tells me if it were Catholic youths stoning Jews, the media wouldn’t be so vague.

So what we have here is the rise of anti-semitic forces in Europe attacking Jews and the world pretending not to notice. You know, maybe “oh no not again” was the proper response after all.