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98% of Catholics Don’t Look at the Crucifix

You might recall the legal complaint filed against The Catholic University of America by a law professor at a nearby school on behalf of Muslims. The complaint alleged that Muslim students couldn’t pray whenever they wanted because there were all… Continue Reading →

Muslims Kill Santa!!!

A gang of adherents to the religion of peace have killed Santa Claus. Word has it they’re next to target elves and magical reindeer. The Voice of Russia reports: In Dushanbe, a young man, dressed as Santa Claus, was killed… Continue Reading →

Whitewashing The Slaughter of Christians

In recent days it’s come to light that many black people are living in fear in Libya. Black immigrants who came to Libya as workers are suspected of being loyalists to Qaddafi. They are subjected to arrest or worse. The… Continue Reading →

OK. Now I’m Worried.

U.S. Director of National Intellgence James Clapper testifies that the Muslim Brotherhood is about as dangerous as your local Jaycees chapter. This is horrifyingly insane. Note that this is the same administration that so fears pro-lifers and so called “anti-tax… Continue Reading →

Gang Attacks Jews in Germany. Not What You Think

The headline warns.: “Berlin – Group of youths attack Jewish dance group.” What image does that headline conjure? Nazis? Skinheads? A little Third Reich retro wanna-be’s? The lede in the piece doesn’t help either to clarify things either. A Jewish… Continue Reading →

Obama Criticizes Muslim Nation

President Barack Obama has outrageously criticized a Muslim nation for its war crimes, torture, misdeeds of its past leaders, imposing its will on sovereign countries, racism, greed, its arrogance, its dismissiveness and being derisive. Of course that Muslim country is… Continue Reading →

Pres: We’re Not Christian Nation, We’re Muslim!

Remember when dear leader Presidente Obama said that America is not a Christian nation? I couldn’t imagine why he said that. (I had lots of theories) But now it’s clear. We’re a Muslim nation. Oh. According to The Caucus: “And… Continue Reading →

Dictionary Removes Christian Words

Many words associated with Christianity have been removed from a children’s dictionary in Britain. Come on! Tell me you’re surprised. Oxford University Press has excised words like “aisle,” “Saint,” “devil,” “bishop,” and “chapel” from its Junior Dictionary and replaced them… Continue Reading →

Bishops OK Muslim Prayer Rooms in Catholic Schools

A group of bishops in England overdosed on stupid pills this week and then sadly, came out with a document.Daily Mail Muslim prayer rooms should be opened in every Roman Catholic school, Church leaders have said. The Catholic bishops of… Continue Reading →

TV Show Where Christians Behead Muslims

In one of those “ripped from the headlines” dramas, a BBC drama called Bonekickers, has triggered a barrage of complaints upon portraying a moderate and kind man beheaded by an extremist religious nut, according to The Daily Mail. You have… Continue Reading →

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