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Guess What Word Was Left Out?

Here’s a story from CNN.com about a Pakistani man in Atlanta accused of killing his daughter because she wanted out of an arranged marriage. Guess what word was left out of this story about the honor killing? Chaudhry Rashid, 54,… Continue Reading →

Some Random Offensive Anti-Catholic Things I Found

International – Malaysia has ruled that a Catholic newspaper cannot use the word Allah. The move deepens fears the government is trying too hard to please the more extremist sections of its Muslim majority at the expense of other religions…. Continue Reading →

Somebody in Congress Took Their Crazy Pill Today

Freshman Congressman Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, compared President Bush to Adolf Hitler last week while implying that the White House was involved in the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. And this guy is an elected… Continue Reading →

The Fun Way to Save the World

First the good news – Rising immigration has fueled 26-year fertility high in the UK. The average number of children in England has risen for a fifth straight year to 1.87 Now the Bad news. The last decade has seen… Continue Reading →

Catholic Tortured in Pakistan

On the eve of his wedding, Sattar Masih, 28, was attacked by an angry mob of Muslims who beat and tortured him for allegedly blaspheming against Muhammad. Police moved in only to arrest him, according to Asia News. In prison,… Continue Reading →

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