International – Malaysia has ruled that a Catholic newspaper cannot use the word Allah. The move deepens fears the government is trying too hard to please the more extremist sections of its Muslim majority at the expense of other religions.

I expect that idiotic ideas like this will become law elsewhere.

Hollywood – The new show Cashmere Mafia is about pretty women. And that pretty much exhausts all the good things there are to say about the show. A brainless ripoff of Sex and The City. (If that’s possible)

The main plot revolves around Caitlin, who decides on an apparent meet-cute whim to launch into a lesbian relationship with a co-worker. Caitlin’s brother, a Catholic priest no less, gives the affair his blessing. (He must be a Jesuit!)

Jolly Old England – Britain has never had a Catholic prime minister and Tony Blair wasn’t sure it was ready for one yet. In fact, it would be illegal for a prime minister to be Catholic. And the prejudice against Catholics is still so extreme that Blair pushed off his own conversion in case he was branded a “nutter” for becoming Catholic.