In one of those “ripped from the headlines” dramas, a BBC drama called Bonekickers, has triggered a barrage of complaints upon portraying a moderate and kind man beheaded by an extremist religious nut, according to The Daily Mail.

You have to give the BBC credit for taking on this dangerous problem. Oh yeah, one little issue, the BBC showed an extremist Christian beheading a kindly mannered Muslims. Yeah, because that’s happening all over the place, right? It’s an epidemic. What guts those Brits have standing up to those crazy Christians who blow up buildings and behead those who disagree with them.

Here’s the background, according to

And it isn’t just a beheading, the entire episode turns our current “fact based” reality on its head as the plot gives us a group of “right wing Christians” bent on purging England of its immigrant population, a group the TV series is fictionalizing as the “White Wings Alliance.” In a day when extremist Muslims the world over are killing people for not being a Muslim, this show features the exact opposite situation. Christian “extremists” killing innocent, moderate Muslims. For what reason? Only the Beeb knows for sure.

The funny thing is that all of Europe has been bending over backwards to accommodate the increasing Muslim populations. They’ve even stopped having children so the Muslims could take over some day in the near future. But if you just listen to the media you’d think Europe was simply teeming with murderous Islamophobes.

But you’ll love this part. After receiving hundreds of complaints the BBC responded with one of those non-apology regrets by saying:

We regret that some viewers felt the beheading scene was inappropriate…This storyline looked at religious fundamentalism within a fictional Christian group, and one character in particular who took his beliefs to an extreme. His ignorance and misguided behaviour lead to the beheading of a peaceful Asian Muslim character in the drama. His actions are clearly condemned by leading Muslim and Christian clerics. The drama also has the balance of a Christian character that has a deep faith which she uses humbly and only for good.

So, according to the BBC, they put one murderous Christian and one non-murderous Christian in a storyline and that constitutes balance. Hmmm…about 50 percent of Christians are psychopaths with swords seeking out anonymous moderate Muslims, says the BBC. Hey, actually I must admit that’s better than I thought. I figured the BBC would’ve put it around 70-80 percent.

This is just one more case of Europe exhibiting the lack of guts to grow up and face a very grave mixture of their own secularization and apathy and a booming Islamist population.

In conclusion I state this unequivocally and in caps for your perusal and consideration: EUROPE IS DOOMED. DOOMED I SAY!!!!!!!!!!