The Last Place On Earth
—I would rather pull my toe nails out while listening to the soundtrack of Rush Hour II than attend this!

Why The Silence?
—Why we are intentionally ignoring the PZ Myers story.

Starry Starry Night
—Van Gogh brought to life.

Tony Snow Dies
—Snow: Live boldly and with faith

Redford: Opinions Representing Yesterday?
—”You’re old! Why should we listen to you?”

The Hookup Culture at Catholic Colleges
—No sex at Catholic colleges? Think again.

Will The Anti-Miracle Faction Please Stand Up
—Former Priest is Anti-Miracle. (And he’s not too fond of the last two Pope’s either)

If You Are Reading This, It Means I Have Passed…
—Blogging Mother of Six Passes Away.

Guess What Word Was Left Out?
—How do you report on the elephant in the room without mentioning the elephant?

Stay Out The Bushes!
—”We’d better get back, ’cause it’ll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night…mostly.”

The Tiber Swim Team T-shirt
—Come on in. The water’s fine.

Man Sues Bible
—Is God guilty of hate crimes?

Alien Worshiping Glamour Lesbians Criticize the Church
—I’m not kidding!

Hold Still Barack, This Might Sting A Little
—Don’t ever talk down to us again!