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MSNBC Libels the Pope!!!

The media has been unfair to say the least to Pope Benedict the past week. But MSNBC crossed a line today. Big time. The liberal news network had a headline up that reads “Pope Describes Touching Boys: I Went Too… Continue Reading →

Safe, Legal and Rare. And Funded!

Pro-choice Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth was in a difficult position last night on Chris Matthews’ Hardball. This is interesting because it marks the first time a Democrat has felt uncomfortable on MSNBC since Bill Clinton said something negative about Barack… Continue Reading →

Please Break MSNBC’s Heart

OK. This isn’t the nicest thing I’ve done all day. But right now, do you know what would bring me joy? Messing with MSNBC, which is running a poll asking people to give Obama a grade on his first fifty… Continue Reading →

Affleck Apologizes to Olbermann

You know how Saturday Night Live has mocked and demeaned Sarah Palin every Saturday for months, well last week in one sketch they also mocked uber-liberal talk show host Keith Olbermann. Well no sooner was the sketch done when Ben… Continue Reading →

MSNBC Compares Campaign To POW Camp

Newsweek Washington correspondent/MSNBC political analyst Howard Fineman was on Keith Olbermann’s ridiculous show late last week and said just about the most ridiculous thing anybody could think of by comparing the presidential campaign to McCain’s time in a Vietnamese Prison…. Continue Reading →

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