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It’s a Outrage!!

Al Sharpton attempts to read off a teleprompter on his new MSNBC show. Hilarity (and confusion) ensue. This is just too awesome not to share. I think they’d be better off giving a show to Miss South Carolina. HT Weasel… Continue Reading →

This is Just Too Funny. MSNBC Host Gets Owned

I’ve been trying not to post much from MSNBC recently just because it’s so consistently looney that I’m actually kinda’ bored with it. But this is just too funny. MSNBC host Contessa Brewer isn’t happy that Republican Mo Brooks isn’t… Continue Reading →

Fox Paid $4.8 Billion in Taxes, MSNBC $0

This story at the Daily Mail is actually worse than the headline even indicates. Fox paid $4.8 billion in taxes, MSNBC $0 OK, the headline is misleading. The parent company of Fox News — News Corp. — paid the U.S…. Continue Reading →

MSNBC Plays Softball with Cecile Richards

This is hilarious. In his interview of Cecile Richards concerning the battle in Indiana MSNBC’s Martin Bashir pretends that Planned Parenthood talking points are facts (even though they’re wrong) and repeats Big Abortion’s most bombastic talking points by simply adding… Continue Reading →

O’Donnell: Jesus Was a Socialist

Lawrence O’ Donnell says Jesus was “the First Recorded Advocate of a Progressive Income Tax.” And then O’Donnell calls those against progressive income taxes “the damned.” Yup. The damned. He talks about Jesus praising the widow who puts in all… Continue Reading →

MSNBC Orc Says Babies Wanna’ Die

MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur has the name of a Middle Earth orc. And he has the philosophy of one too. He said yesterday that the unborn babies would want their mothers to have the right to abort them. His argument about… Continue Reading →

Gotta’ See This One

Normally I ignore anything that goes down on MSNBC but Chris Matthews was honored by my alma mater, a Catholic university, so I get especially annoyed at the embarrassing things he does. Here, Matthews asks former RNC Chair Michael Steele,… Continue Reading →

They Really Think We’re Idiots

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on television. Seriously. Can you imagine that MSNBC thinks you’re so stupid that they have to do a demonstration like this to explain the debt ceiling: HT HotAir Pundit

Chris Matthews Loses It on Michelle Bachmann

Look, we all knew this was going to be a rough night for the MSNBC gang. But this is just crazy. I initially put this on the Live blog but it’s so nasty and rude that I had to bring… Continue Reading →

Hey GOP! Stop Going on MSNBC!!!

Hey GOP! Here’s a brilliant idea. Stop ambling into enemy territory expecting to be treated like a friend. In short, stop trusting MSNBC. They’re not interested in interviewing you. They want to destroy you. To them, you are the enemy…. Continue Reading →

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