Hey GOP! Here’s a brilliant idea. Stop ambling into enemy territory expecting to be treated like a friend. In short, stop trusting MSNBC. They’re not interested in interviewing you. They want to destroy you. To them, you are the enemy.

Can anyone have missed that this network has gone completely left wing looney tunes. First, Michelle Bachmann goes on Chris Matthews show and almost loses her reelection because of it. Remember this:

And the media played that up like Bachmann was forming modern day HUAC’s and going all Wicker Man on colleagues she deemed un-American.

Bachmann survived but only after a major scare.

But after seeing what happened to Bachmann it’s incredible to me that Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul appears on Rachel Maddow’s show. And when pressed by Maddow, he actually talks about sections of the Civil Rights Act which he was against, not based on any racism of his but because of his libertarianism. But he should know the headline won’t be some nuanced treatise on federalism or individual property rights. It’ll be “Rand Paul is against the Civil Right Act!!!” And you know how people read that? Rand Paul hates black people.

Here’s a snippet of painful video of Paul digging his hole deeper and deeper.

But besides dissecting his argument which is not easily sellable to the public the real question is ‘Why the heck was he even there?’ What’s to be gained? Nobody watches MSNBC. And anyone who does isn’t going to vote for a Republican unless they receive an emergency lobotomy reversal before November.

So the only way it can effect your candidacy is to hurt it by being played on networks that people actually watch like Fox News or shows like Good Morning America which both featured this Rand Paul debacle at length.

Paul is now appearing everywhere trying to explain himself. And he’s talking and talking and talking about it like Trent Lott did after saying something that only idiots would take as racist. How’d he end up?

Rand Paul just gave his opponent his attack ad. Now Paul is likely going to have to spend something like $1 million in ads to explain this debacle away. That’s a lot of money to be on defense with. And you don’t win when you’re on defense.

So GOP, please stop going on MSNBC. They’re not journalists. They want to hurt you. And they can hurt you. Don’t return their calls. Walk past them in the hallways. Ignore them. They can only hurt you if you engage them. Don’t.