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Will Ben Nelson Kill Obamacare? Seriously.

Now, this would be the ultimate in irony. Remember Senator Ben Nelson who swore up and down that he would stand firm against abortion funding in the healthcare bill only to suffer the world’s most watched moral collapse when he… Continue Reading →

Ben Nelson. A Recap.

When we all look back on the whole Ben Nelson debacle we can feel sad that a man outed himself as a political shill…for nothing. While the world watched, Nelson, who had been considered pro-life, was bought and paid for…. Continue Reading →

Oh Nooooo! Nelson Cracking? Deal Likely?

That sound you’re hearing may be the cracking of Senator Ben Nelson’s moral fiber. Ace is reporting that Ben Nelson may be on the brink of breaking and turning into a weaker version of Senator Bob Casey Jr. Reports are… Continue Reading →

Abortion is Their Bedrock Belief

I’ve always wondered what was more important to secularist liberals, abortion or socialism. Sure, the two seem to be linked but when it comes down to it, which one, I wondered, was the principal which liberals would cling to no… Continue Reading →

Unappreciated Pro-Lifers To the Rescue

There are few less respected monikers in politics than “pro-life.” Democrats like their “pro-lifers” in name only. They like their pro-life legislators to be of the lukewarm variety like Bob Casey who talks the talk but always discovers a reason… Continue Reading →

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