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You Shall Not Pass!!!!

I fear that ominous signs indicate a likely terrible defeat for us today. The Politico reports some disturbing news: THE ATMOSPHERE: The difference between today and November’s vote is stark. On the night before the House vote last fall, the… Continue Reading →

Bishops Letter to Congress

The Bishops just released a letter to members of the House of Representatives. The headline? “Fix Flaws or Vote No on Health Reform Bill.” Snarky thought? I wonder if they sent the letter to any nuns. But here’s the letter… Continue Reading →

Uh-Oh!!! Stupak Calls Presser

It’s become quite clear to everyone that I’ve grown a little pessimistic the past few days about our chances of defeating Obamacare. I honestly believe that Pelosi has all the votes she needs and all the undecideds are just waiting… Continue Reading →

Text of Nun’s Letter Endorsing Obamacare

The following is the full text of the letter from Catholic nuns endorsing Obamacare. Below the letter is a complete list of the signatories. Dear Members of Congress: We write to urge you to cast a life-affirming “yes” vote when… Continue Reading →

Catholic Nuns Endorse Obamacare

This is awful. Nuns gone wild. The AP reports: Catholic nuns are urging Congress to pass President Barack Obama’s health care plan, in an unusual public break with bishops who say it would subsidize abortion. Some 60 leaders of religious… Continue Reading →

Oh No! Pro-Life Dem Crumbles! Another Yes.

Uh-oh. A “pro-life” Catholic Democrat from Michigan just announced he’ll vote for Obamacare. He’s been rumored to be doing so for a while but now it’s official. He says it’s ok because he’s still pro-life. He tells the New York… Continue Reading →

Throwing The Bathwater Out With The Baby?

In all the discussion about whip counts it is easy to lose sight of what really counts and what the health care debate is really all about. It should come as little surprise that this is all about abortion, or… Continue Reading →

Vid: Stupak as Braveheart

Paramount Communications

Did You Hear About Healthcare at Mass?

I’m interested to know if any of you heard about healthcare at Mass. Please go over to the National Catholic Register and let us know. The USCCB came out strongly against the current healthcare bill which is now being considered… Continue Reading →

Must Read of the Day

Read this sickening piece about Bart Stupak and then go read the rest of this piece at The Corner. Democrats have argued to Stupak that abortion is good and necessary because real live kids cost money: Stupak notes that his… Continue Reading →

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