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Stupak Isn’t Paying the Price

Everyone knows by now that Congressman Bart Stupak is retiring. And I’ve seen it reported everywhere that he’s “paying the price” for his awful and traitorous vote towards the unborn. But isn’t it possible that Stupak, far from paying the… Continue Reading →

Viva La Visitation!!!!!

The National Catholic Reporter is listing the orders chosen to receive apostolic visitation teams in coming months. Four of the nineteen orders to be visited had representatives sign the letter of endorsement for Barack Obama’s health care plan. I’m sure… Continue Reading →

My Irresponsible Pep Talk for GOP

Democrats and their p.r. arm, the mainstream media, are screaming about how the violent political rhetoric from the right is “aiding and abetting” violence. Nancy Pelosi even said “I have concerns about some of the language that is being used… Continue Reading →

Mr. Bipartisan Mocks You

I really don’t like this guy. I can’t wait until November.

Obamacare Will Harm Catholic Colleges

It’s understandable that the legislative debacle known as Obamacare dominated the headlines recently. But something important has gone largely unremarked on though I believe it will have a disastrous impact on the country, especially Catholic and Christian colleges. Obamacare essentially… Continue Reading →

Sr. Carol Keehan is the New Lloyd Dobler

Sister Carol Keehan now knows exactly how Lloyd Dobler felt in “Say Anything.” In the movie, Lloyd’s dream girl breaks up with him and as a consolation she hands him a pen. He famously says to his compatriots hanging out… Continue Reading →

Dingell: Obamacare Will “Control The People”

Come on. Tell me you’re surprised. Even a little.

Love Obamacare? Thank a Catholic

The new healthcare plan has been brought to us by…Catholics? I was sickened to see Catholic Joe Biden standing next to the most pro-abortion President in the history of the country signing the biggest expansion of abortion since Roe. We’d… Continue Reading →

Bishops Share The Blame

Well, it is done. The Government takeover of health-care is now the law of the land complete with the federal funding of abortion. At this horrific moment we must make an honest assessment of how we arrived at this point…. Continue Reading →

Republicans Will Suffer for This

The conventional wisdom seems to be that the Democrats will suffer for this healthcare bill. And I believe they will…to a point. In the short term I believe Democrats are about to be trounced in the November elections. And I… Continue Reading →

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