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Free Contraception Under Obamacare

You want a reason to vote today. Here’s a pretty good one. As if America weren’t going broke fast enough, now the federal government is going to buy contraceptives for everyone. Hooray! We know Obama doesn’t want anyone punished with… Continue Reading →

“With Dignity” Means Darwinism

Is it just me or does anyone else worry when liberals talk about doing something “with dignity.” Firstly, it’s always bad. Liberals say “allow him to die with dignity” or “resign with dignity.” See. Always bad. You see, in liberal… Continue Reading →

Congressman: The Gov’t Can Do Anything

California Democrat Congressman Pete Stark tells the truth at a townhall meeting. He says, “The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything in this Country.” He didn’t emit and evil laugh like “muhuhahahaha!!!!” but I think it was implied. At first… Continue Reading →

Ya’ Gotta’ Give Stupak Credit

Faux pro-lifer Bart Stupak is accusing pro-lifers of playing politics with life. Yeah. Read that again. Bart Stupak is accusing pro-lifers of playing politics with life. Man, you’ve got to give the guy credit, when Stupak sells his vote he… Continue Reading →

ObamaCare Now Funding Abortions in PA

“We’ve been able to come up with an agreement to respect the sanctity of life on health care reform. There will be no public funding for abortion in this legislation. We’ve all stood on principle.” -Congressman Bart Stupak on March… Continue Reading →

Obamacare Might Not Cover Sick People

The latest news coming out of the Obama administration may be the best news sick people have had in a while. Obamacare may not cover sick people. Yeah, I know. The Hill reports: The Obama administration has not ruled out… Continue Reading →

Harry Reid Says He’s Pro-Life. Hahahaha!!

Harry Reid is insisting he’s pro-life. No really. I’m not kidding. Stop it. The Nevada Right to Life PAC today endorsed a Republican in the race and said, “Replacing pro-abortion Senator Harry Reid with a pro-life senator is imperative…Harry Reid… Continue Reading →

The “Pro-Life Dem” Lie Still Works

Yup. There’s lot of Americans who haven’t gotten the memo that there’s no such thing as a pro-life Democrat. Or maybe they got the memo but they’re just not reading it. Jim Geraghty writes: Critz ran as a conservative: Some… Continue Reading →

Pelosi: Quit Your Job, We’ll Support You

This sounds like good economic policy. Inspiring people to become bums/artists is now entrepreneurial, according to Nancy Pelosi. So they’ll get government grants to pursue their art and free healthcare. And all you taxpayers just sit back and appreciate the… Continue Reading →

OK. How Is This NOT A Death Panel?

Let all the elites laugh it up over how crazy and stupid Sarah Palin is until they request some kind of treatment and it gets denied by an advisory panel. White House Budget Director Peter Orszag explained in scary detail… Continue Reading →

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