Harry Reid is insisting he’s pro-life. No really. I’m not kidding. Stop it.

The Nevada Right to Life PAC today endorsed a Republican in the race and said, “Replacing pro-abortion Senator Harry Reid with a pro-life senator is imperative…Harry Reid has consistently advocated a radically pro-abortion agenda. He was instrumental in blocking an amendment to prevent the federal government from subsidizing health plans that cover abortion on demand and voted to remove a previous ban on funding organizations that promote abortion overseas.”

Reid today, in the Las Vegas Review Journal called the charge that he was pro-abortion “laughable.”

In a speech months back which Reid’s office referred people to Reid said “he takes a back seat to nobody in his opposition to abortion, but that does not mean I am opposed to finding common ground for the greater good.”

A back seat to nobody? Is Harry Reid delusional? Does he really think that people will believe his words and completely ignore his actions. It’s pretty sad that when you’re the Senate leader you can’t point to an actual vote to show you’re pro-life but you have to point to a speech.

Pro-lifers saw what happened with Obamacare. Words don’t cut it. Not anymore. We all know that Obamacare was a referendum on the importance “pro-life Democrats” place on the unborn. It turns out that the unborn take a back seat to political ambitions.

Harry can keep on laughing but I’m pretty sure that pro-lifers will have the last laugh in November.