Is it just me or does anyone else worry when liberals talk about doing something “with dignity.”

Firstly, it’s always bad. Liberals say “allow him to die with dignity” or “resign with dignity.” See. Always bad. You see, in liberal world, “with dignity” is code. It means “get out of the way because you’re no longer useful to me.”

Just look at Mr. Death Panel himself, Barack Obama. This week, the White House was forced to acknowledge that congressman Charlie Rangel is a lying cheat. 99.9 percent of Americans had known that for years but when Obama was asked about Rangel he finally said:

“I think Charlie Rangel served a very long time and served his constituents very well, but these allegations are very troubling, and, you know, he’s somebody who is at the end of his career, 80 years old…I’m sure that what he wants is to be able to end his career with dignity, and my hope is that happens.”

First thing that troubles me there is…uhm… why mention the 80 year old part. Oh wait. Awww. It’s Obama’s first death panel. How cute.

Seriously, Obama just said that Rangel is 80 so he should go away. This makes Obama’s acceptance of Arlen Specter rather weird because Specter is also 80. But you see Specter coming into the party was good for Obama. Rangel right now is bad for Obama. So Rangel needs to go away “with dignity.”

It’s a mindset. Couldn’t you absolutely see the administration saying that due to financial constraints Obamacare will not fund fighting terminal diseases with less than 10% chance of recovery. They’ll call it the “Dignity” Act. I guarantee it. But it’ll all be code for “you’re no longer useful to society so go away.”

I used to think that liberalism was horrifying because it was utilitarian but I’m starting to think all that’s just cover for Darwinism. Either way, the whole thing just kinda’ seems… undignified.