Faux pro-lifer Bart Stupak is accusing pro-lifers of playing politics with life.

Yeah. Read that again. Bart Stupak is accusing pro-lifers of playing politics with life.

Man, you’ve got to give the guy credit, when Stupak sells his vote he throws in his credibility, his integrity and any claim to sanity too. He doesn’t care what anybody says he’s going to just keep reiterating his mantra even though everyone knows he’s not telling the truth that Obamacare will not fund abortions.

CNS reports:

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), who initially raised the hopes of pro-life Americans when he took a stand against abortion coverage in the Democrats’ health care bill, also posted a message Wednesday, rejecting claims that Pennsylvania’s high-risk insurance pools would allow for federal funding of abortion:

“This is the latest example of some right to life groups politicizing life issues in an effort to undermine health care reform,” Stupak said. “The President’s Executive Order makes clear that federal funds may not be used for abortion under the Affordable Care Act – including the (high-risk) insurance pools currently being implemented in Pennsylvania and states across the country.

Stupak noted that in accordance with President Obama’s Executive Order, the Department of Health and Human Services has told states that federal funds provided under the new health care law may not be used to fund abortion. “HHS has reiterated this policy in response to the current accusations from the National Right to Life Committee,” Stupak said.

“While these recycled scare tactics may make for good headlines, we should not lose sight of the fact that tens of thousands of individuals across the nation who have been denied coverage by health insurance companies due to pre-existing conditions will for the first time have access to affordable health insurance. We need to take a whole life approach to health care which looks out for those who are out of the womb as well as those in the womb,” Stupak concluded.

The CNS report continues to detail exactly why abortions will be funded by Obamacare. You should read it.

Bart. Bart. For Bart Stupak to attack pro-lifers for playing politics with abortion is like Arlen Specter lecturing Republicans on party loyalty or Charlie Rangel on how to pay your taxes.

Just walk away man. Just walk away. Collect whatever was promised you by the Obama administration. Just stop attacking pro-lifers because you sold out. It’s pretty sad.