Everyone knows by now that Congressman Bart Stupak is retiring. And I’ve seen it reported everywhere that he’s “paying the price” for his awful and traitorous vote towards the unborn. But isn’t it possible that Stupak, far from paying the price is simply collecting on the price of his vote?

I find it hard to believe that a congressman didn’t understand that after months of championing the pro-life cause that he would become reviled for turning on them. I think he was smart enough to know his name would become a derogatory verb. I think that when Bart Stupak was negotiating with the White House he wasn’t negotiating like Ben Nelson for the Cornhusker Kickback for Nebraska. Stupak was in there for Stupak. And he knew that a vote for Obamacare would end his career so he was negotiating for his next career.

I say we should all focus on Stupak’s next career. I’m gonna’ bet it’s darn lucrative. It’ll be a lot more than thirty silver pieces.