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Movie About “Pope Joan” Set for Release

The armies of female ordination have just taken over Hollywood and are now set to march onto the Vatican. Coming soon to a movie theater near you is a “historical drama” about “Pope Joan.” Shooting is set to begin in… Continue Reading →

Columnist: Jesus Wants Women Priests

A columnist from the Saint Louis Post Dispatch asked the bumper sticker question concerning female priests: “What would Jesus do?” Here’s what he has to say on the story of two women who say they’re Roman Catholic who want to… Continue Reading →

Father Jimmy or Father Judy?

For years we have heard the usual suspects clamoring for female ordination. The church has been very clear on the topic, this is not something the church has the power to change. Maybe the church doesn’t have the power, but… Continue Reading →

Mother Angelica Wins Another One

This article from the Home News Tribube tells the story of a young guy from New jersey who was inspired by Mother Angelica and was recently ordained. I love these stories. You don’t find them often in the big newspapers… Continue Reading →

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