This article from the Home News Tribube tells the story of a young guy from New jersey who was inspired by Mother Angelica and was recently ordained. I love these stories. You don’t find them often in the big newspapers but these little hometown newspapers are great for these little stories.

“I was living a worldly life, living a life without God,” said Kowalczyk, who grew up in a religious household. “I was trying to look for happiness without God. But you cannot be happy without God.”

He would frequent bars but was bored.

At age 24, his father died, and Kowalczyk started to think about God again. He asked God where he would go if he died, and didn’t like the answer he thought he would get. He also prepared a report card on his virtues and didn’t do too well.

Then one day, he was watching a show featuring Mother Angelica on the Eternal Word Television Network, a Global Catholic Network, with his mother.

“Everything (Mother Angelica) said was exactly what I needed to hear,” he said. “I said OK, Lord. I did it my way and didn’t find happiness. I should go to church and confession every week.”

For those who are interested, Mother Angelica, 84, who suffered a second major stroke on Christmas Eve 2001 that left her with partial paralysis and impaired speech, still watches EWTN and even herself, according to the Star-Telegram.

“She watches herself and laughs,” Sister Mary Catherine said. “She’s got a jovial laugh.”

“I guess it’s hard because of her calling as a communicator,” said Birmingham Bishop David Foley. “She expresses with her eyes and gestures. She’s very upbeat and joyful.”