The Race to Irrelevance
——Concerned they weren’t irrelevant enough, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America allows actively gay Pastors.

Latin Lovers Must Read!
——St. Louis Catholic does Incredible parody!

What Would We Do Without Experts?
——Liturgy ‘experts’ have had it with all you amateurs butting in.

“Godstock” Celebrates the Virgin Mary
——Thousands of Vietnamese Catholics camp out on the lawn of a seminary – like a veritable “Godstock”

Abortionists Putting Mothers at Risk by Poisoning Fetus
——Forget the women, forget the babies, Doctors kill to cover themselves.

Newspaper Pinpoints Doctor’s Home to Animal Rights Terrorists
——L.A. Weekly helps the crazies that didn’t get him the first time.

No shortage of priests in Atlanta, more than 50 seminarians
——”We have one of the strongest vocational programs in the country,” said Father Luke Ballman, the director of vocations.

Catholic Exchange – The Anglican Right
——By Fr. Dwight Longenecker

End Catholic “proselytism,” Russian Patriarch demands
——Orthodox Patriarch Alexei II of Moscow has repeated his demand that the Vatican must curb the “proselytism” by Catholic clerics in Russia and eastern Europe.

Gay Gene Bad Science
——Searching for the genetic excuse for sin. Couldn’t we all use a genetic get-out-of-hell free card?

Barbarians in Tweed Coats
——The 21st century’s greatest monsters are wearing tweed jackets and un-ironed Dockers.